About Kirsten Goa


Kirsten Goa is a dynamic community leader and visionary city builder, who brings people together to find common ground, create a shared purpose and take action to make it a reality. Rooted in her community, she knows first hand the anxieties and opportunities that our neighbourhoods are facing during this time of uncertainty and rapid change. Kirsten has a proven track record as a coalition builder and change-maker. For almost two decades, she has worked with communities to help shape City of Edmonton policies on issues as diverse as human rights, local food, land-use and public engagement. 

An experienced community organizer, Kirsten has supported many organizations and neighbourhoods in effectively navigating sometimes difficult change. Kirsten is deeply committed to a City and communities that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Recognizing the essential role that all sectors play in building our City, she has prioritized breaking down the silos and building relationships between citizens, non-profits, industry and government in order to create pragmatic and collaborative solutions for our most challenging issues. 

Edmonton is changing fast, and with that change comes substantial pressures. Kirsten has facilitated education for community and industry, supported neighbourhoods negotiate effectively for more responsive development, and helped foster communication and better relationships. She also helped develop and deliver builder education on best practices for community engagement as a key component of the Expedited Infill Pilot, a project designed to support best practices in infill development while also providing successful participants with better permitting times. As this program expands it will improve the process for neighbours and industry.

Building strong relationships, supporting community capacity and developing leaders are all central to her work. Over the last few years, she has been a board member of the Strathcona Community League, IDEA (Infill Development Edmonton Association) and La Leche League Canada. She was community co-chair of the City of Edmonton's Council Initiative on Public Engagement which was recognized with the Canadian and International Organization of the Year Award in 2018 from the International Association for Public Participation. She also co-chaired the Guiding Coalition on Public Engagement since it's inception in 2018. 

Along with her husband Shawn Robinson, Kirsten has five children (two sets of twins) who are now teenagers and young adults. They live in Strathcona, the neighbourhood where she grew up. 

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