About Kirsten Goa

Kirsten Goa is our community voice! She has the vision and experience to make City Hall work better for all of us. Kirsten understands the pressures our City and our communities are facing and the opportunities we have to shape Edmonton's future. Kirsten’s proven leadership is what we need to navigate this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

For over 20 years, Kirsten has collaborated with diverse communities to shape City of Edmonton policies on issues as varied as housing, human rights, local food, land-use and public engagement. Recognizing the essential role that all sectors play in building our City, she has prioritized breaking down the silos and building relationships between citizens, non-profits, industry and government in order to create pragmatic and collaborative solutions for our most challenging issues. 

While Kirsten was community co-chair of the City of Edmonton's Council Initiative on Public Engagement their work was recognized by the International Association for Public Participation with both the Canadian and International 2018 Organization of the Year Award. She also co-chaired the Guiding Coalition on Public Engagement since it's inception in 2018. 

Kirsten is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others navigate and improve City processes and policies. Her extensive community governance experience includes time on the boards of  her local playschool, the Greater Edmonton Alliance, the Strathcona Community League, IDEA (Infill Development Edmonton Association) and La Leche League Canada.

Along with her husband Shawn Robinson, Kirsten has five children (two sets of twins) who are now teenagers and young adults. They live in Strathcona, the neighbourhood where she grew up. 

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