As your City Councillor I have a responsibility to earn your trust, not only at the ballot box, but every day after that as well. I will not make promises I can’t keep, I will be honest even if it’s not always popular and I will take responsibility for my mistakes. It’s unlikely that everyone will like my decisions on any given day, but I will be honest about why I make them and do everything I can to work with you beforehand so that the process and the factors that make up my decision are clearly articulated. 

Prior to election day, I will share my list of campaign donors. Money is needed to win elections, but it should not have undue influence on day to day decision making. An area of influence that is often overlooked is the nature of the relationships we build in public life. I will share at regular intervals the types of meetings that I’m having and work hard to balance the time I spend with different sectors. I will encourage anyone I’m meeting with to consider who they can bring who wouldn’t normally attend a meeting with a Councillor and I’ll prioritize meetings with equity seeking groups and multi-stakeholder meetings that represent a wide range of interests. I will also encourage you to build public relationships across different interests and sectors and where possible, I will make introductions.