I want Edmonton to be a City where my kids have exciting opportunities and see hope for their future. Many of our biggest opportunities as a City are also some of our biggest challenges. Edmonton is changing and these changes are occurring in more disruptive ways and at a faster pace than in past generations. Economic uncertainty, technology change, a rapidly warming climate, changing demographics, the COVID-19 pandemic all contribute to the disruption we’re facing. We’re on the cusp of 1 million people and we’re outgrowing many of the tools, strategies and tactics of a small, big city.

The foundation for responding effectively to these challenges exists in living City policies, but implementation rests to a significant degree on the next Council. Budgetary decisions will be difficult over the next few years, but this also gives us the opportunity to take a closer look at how our budget reflects our values and the goals of our City Plan. Our economic, environmental and social well-being are all connected. Complete walkable communities, mitigation and adaptation to a rapidly warming climate, energy transition and emissions reduction, protecting our natural areas, creating the conditions for innovation and thriving independent local businesses, including the arts, all contribute to a thriving and resilient City. They are only possible if we work together across communities, with different sectors, and within the larger Edmonton Region.


Responsible Stewardship

Energy Transition

A Strong Edmonton Metropolitan Region supports growth, accessibility and resilience

Innovation and Creativity