Implementation of City Plan

The new City Plan is an ambitious and strategic policy framework for how we evolve as a City. After my experience, over a decade ago, organizing hundreds of people to attend public hearings on our last Municipal Development Plan, I can truly say I am excited about our new City Plan and the road map it provides for how to adapt as a City. It’s a robust plan supported by engagement with thousands of Edmontonians, extensive technical studies, modeling data and current best practices. However, successfully implementing the City Plan will only happen through the everyday decisions of City Council and with everyone at the table.

Sometimes those decisions will be difficult. Transforming the City of Edmonton into  a more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable city will bring uncomfortable conversations. When we don’t feel like we have any power to influence something happening in our community, or to our business, or on our commute, it’s stressful. Navigating the City and City processes can be time consuming and confusing. It’s a large complex organization that touches our lives every day. More change brings more uncertainty. 

City Plan implementation includes a full rewrite of our Zoning Bylaw, which is long overdue. This process is just beginning, but throughout the renewal process, communities, businesses and industry partners need transition support and opportunities to engage effectively. Along with Zoning Bylaw Renewal the District Planning Process and smaller projects like the Plan Whyte Public Places Plan and Rollie Miles Recreation Centre proposal will also all require anticipatory guidance, meaningful engagement and collaboration.

As your City Councillor, I will bring my extensive experience as a community negotiator and liaison between community members, developers and the City to these important discussions and decisions. Together we can shape the change coming to our communities in a way that is rooted in our love for where we live.