Design for Innovation and Resilience

Design for Innovation and Resilience

Whether it’s a home, a large infill development, infrastructure (like LRT), amenities (like ice rinks) or natural areas -- design matters. The design of roads, buildings and communities has a direct impact on safety, livability, well-being, social connection, resilience and economic activity. Best practices exist, and the Edmonton Design Committee has raised the bar on development in the downtown area. Beyond that, we only have a few places where we’ve integrated any consistent design requirements in our planning.  

How our communities grow and change is a pressing issue in Edmonton. Evidence-based design principles are an essential tool for managing these changes effectively. These principles determine how buildings integrate into our neighbourhoods, and whether or not they can bring people. Good design fosters safety and community and enhances our quality of life. 

The design of our roads and streets has a significant impact on our safety and freedom of movement. Design speed, is the speed that feels “right” on a road. We need to design for the speed that it safe. Our streets should be designed so that everyone, 8 or 80, on foot, bike, bus or car is able to arrive at their destination safely.

Our river valley is a treasured part of our City, but right now we are planning the protection and use in pieces, without an overall plan. In order to protect this habitat and wildlife corridor we need to look at the valley as a whole. This also makes sense when we plan our recreational and transportation uses. This gives us the opportunity to create more integrated destinations, while also being more intentional about our protection of the valley.

Policies based on best practices in urban design will make our neighbourhoods more vibrant, liveable and safe.

As your Councillor...

  • I will work to find concrete and consistent ways to integrate effective design principles into our zoning bylaws and projects.

  • I will work to establish best practices around traffic safety and move forward on the implementation of Vision Zero.

  • I will work to lower speeds in residential neighbourhoods, through lower posted speed limits and designing our roads for improved safety for everyone from 8 to 80.

  • I will work towards a comprehensive river valley parks plan that looks at the whole valley, so that we can better protect our natural areas, while also enjoying the river valley for recreation and as an active transportation corridor.