Donna Fong

GOA2017-Endorsement-Fong.jpgI support Kirsten Goa, co-chair of the Council Initiative on Public Engagement.  She walks the talk to bring people and groups together. We need better public engagement to shape the vision.


Donna Fong, Community Leader

Fran Ross

GOA2017-Endorsement-Ross.jpgI am thankful that we have passionate, skilled people running for municipal office. Kirsten Goa, I am thankful for and inspired by your unwavering commitment to building community, your intelligent approach to issues, your insight into what matters to people, and your vision for what we can and should be as a city that cares and connects. #kirstengoaward8
Fran Ross, Community Member, Council Initiative on Public Engagement

A different quality of leadership

GOA2017_Quotes_Tad.jpg"We have an election on October 16th in Edmonton. I live in Ward 8. For years this has been the easiest vote in the world - Ben Henderson. This year, I am going to change my vote to Kirsten Goa. Kirsten was a neighbour of mine for a few years and sister of a high school friend, Hannah, and so we'd see each other around and I'd hear her husband play banjo on his porch from time to time. When I heard she was running for city council I was puzzled. Ben is great. He votes consistently on the right side of things. I like this man. He rides his bike everywhere. He has been a friend of causes dear to my heart and, no doubt, yours.
So I invited her over for tea and we caught up on things were and she told me how quickly her children were growing. I asked her why she was running. My first question was, "Are you running to make a statement or are you running to win." I don't want to back someone unless they intend to win. She assured me that this was her attention. My next question was "Why are you running?" And then I listened to her for about an hour and asked her more and more questions. By the end, even though I had begun our time together ready to say 'no' to her, despite our community connections, she had my vote. 
So here's why I'm voting for her: I think she can whip the vote.
Perhaps it's that I feel the urgency of the times; the world on fire and the accelerating catastrophes that I feel the need for a different quality of leadership.
Kirsten has a background in organizing. Not like organizing your desk but activist, progressive, coalition building type of organizing. Bringing people together for a common cause to make something happen. 
In the end, it's not enough to have a councillor who will vote the right way. We need a councillor who can get others to vote the right way too.
Politics is, in the end, about power. It's about identifying the wanted policy and applying pressure to the people needed to make the decision so they go the right way and don't just go where the money and status is for them. I think Kirsten brings that background, skillset and orientation. I am confident she'll vote progressively and get other councillors on side to vote with her. 
Kirsten is kind, tough, thoughtful and she has grit and determination.
I urge you to consider voting for her."

- Tad Hargrave, co-founder,,,, and The Good Hundred Experiment

Passionate Commitment to Improving our World

GOA2017_Quotes_Dave.jpgKirsten is a progressive candidate. She has a passionate commitment to improving our world not simply managing it. Her work ethic, strong public engagement background and community connections make her the candidate of choice in Ward 8. It is time for change and Kirsten can be that change agent.
Dave Colburn
Former Board Chair Edmonton Public School Board (2010-2012) 

A Proactive Problem Solver with a Plan!

GOA2017_Quotes_Murray.jpgWe are experiencing significant changes as demands on our neighbourhoods increase, and we need a proactive Councillor with a solid plan for our community.  That Councillor is Kirsten Goa!  She understands the importance of getting out in front of developments in order to represent our community's best interests and ensuring we have a safe and vibrant community.  Kirsten will bring our community together through meaningful consultation laying the ground work for solid community plans for our future.  Ward 8 needs a renewed focus and emphasis within our great city, an emphasis that can only be achieved through hard work and collaboration!  Kirsten WILL take us there!

Murray Davison, Resident - Old Strathcona

Master Collaborator, Courageous, Critical Thinker

GOA2017_Quotes_Lolly.jpgCandidates like Kirsten Goa are rare. Over the years of our shared involvement in a number of community-based initiatives, I’ve found Kirsten to be a master collaborator. She is an inspiring and compassionate leader with impeccable integrity who is unwavering in her commitment to do the right thing. By catalyzing citizens and groups to resolve complex, fragmented and divisive issues, she provokes changes that have positive economic, environmental and social impacts on people’s lives and the community as a whole. She is courageous, a critical thinker, respectful of all people and steadfast in character.

We live in a time when effective governments are vital not just to quality of life but to sustaining a civil and just society. If you want to elect a dynamic force who understands this along with the importance of transparency and good governance, vote for Kirsten Goa. I commend her to you without hesitation or reservation. Kirsten will do great things as Councillor for the people of Ward 8 and, indeed, for the entire city of Edmonton.

~ Dr. Lolly de Jonge, Maternity Care Maven ~