Prepared and Principled



"Kirsten is an incredibly passionate and bright Edmontonian who cares about the sustainability, both environmentally and economically, of our city... Finding people who care about things is often a challenging thing to do which is a testament to her organizing skills, her ability 
to build relationships and her ability to really connect with people on issues that matter. Kirsten has the ability to be straight and direct with people, but work really hard to find common ground with people. Without a doubt, she is prepared to be an

 excellent city councillor in this ward. She understands our mature neighbourhoods, from Old Strathcona to Greenfield. She understands that the purpose of politics is what we can achieve to make our communities better, not ourselves better. She's not afraid to be principled, not afraid to take a stand, not afraid to negotiate, and not afraid to work with people who think differently than her."

(Excerpt from Campaign Launch, full video will be posted soon)
Michael Walters -- Ward 10 City Councillor, Aspen Gardens resident

The Policy and Organizing Skills a City Councillor Needs

"Who wouldn't want to get behind a smart, capable, and caring woman like Kirsten? She had deep roots in our community, and I know she had the policy and organizing skills a city councillor needs. It’s a rare talent to be able to bring together a deep understanding of policy with the ability to do meaningful consultation, organize a community, and reach a consensus to get communities a win, but Kirsten has that gift. Kirsten has an ability to bring everyone together on complex issues and arrive at a place that improves the lives of everyday people in our communities." (excerpt from Campaign Launch, full video will be posted soon)


Bridget Stirling -- Ward G Public School Board Trustee, PhD Candidate, Garneau resident

Insight, Understanding and Conviction

"I’ve known Kirsten now for quite a number of years. Kirsten’s leadership as chair on the Public Engagement Strategy steering committee was a major part of moving thatBen3 document forward. Her insights, her understanding, and her conviction are reasons why I have no hesitation in endorsing her. I know that work needs to continue and Kirsten will continue to drive that work forward. 

On a recent redevelopment project, Kirsten was instrumental in helping the community get to a place where we could make that project better so it could be something they could feel good about. That’s an attitude that’s going to be critically important in the ward so that as change happens, communities stay involved to create a better version of our city.
I’m really excited to see someone who can move forward, pick up the ball on a lot of the work and run with it. I have every faith and belief that Kirsten is the right person to build on the work we've done up until now and to create what happens next. I think she will be a fabulous councillor. I'm really hoping the next councillor for ward papastew will be a woman, and I can't think of a better woman to recommend to you than Kirsten."
(Excerpt from Campaign Launch, full video will be posted soon)
Ben Henderson -- Ward 8 City Councillor 

Refreshing, True Understanding

In an era of divisive politics it's refreshing to talk to Kirsten. She encompasses everything a city counselor should be. She's always willing to listen to your perspective, to have deep meaningful conversations and engage in true understanding of the issues that you face. She's a forward thinker and is dedicated to creating results rather than just words and empty promises. 

I always think of it in these terms it's incredibly easy to grow grass but it's much more challenging to grow a flourishing Garden. There's always so many different competing interests and a good Gardener always knows how to arrange things together so those competing interests become cooperative synergetic relationships. Kirsten has always put in the energy to grow a garden. 
That's why I'm more than delighted to offer my endorsement for Kirsten Goa. 
-- Jennifer Semeniuk
Past President of Edmonton Permaculture Guild
Director of Edmonton Resilience Festival
Business owner in Ward Papastew

Extensive background, tremendous insight, an invaluable asset

I was fortunate to meet Kirsten in 2017.  Soon after meeting her, it became clear that her fresh perspective allowed her to see things through a bit of a  different lense. She truly has an ability to see the bigger picture. She knows that if we continue to do things the same way, we will continue to get the same results. Complex issues can be challenging and time consuming but if we continue to pit opposing parties against each other- no one wins. Kirsten knows the value of  bringing polarized views together in order to try to find solutions.  Her internal passion and skill set have helped her to 
Jaime Forster
guide people in the direction of informed, meaningful collaboration on many occasions. Her extensive background working with people on municipal issues, has provided her tremendous insight that enables her to do this even when things may seem futile. 
Kirsten is an incredible human who has what it takes to overcome the obstacles we will face as we work to maintain and grow our city. If elected, I genuinely believe that she will strive to ensure that the many voices and perspectives of her constituents are represented as we move forward with this work. Kirsten has the drive, enthusiasm and understanding to help us get where we need to go and she would undoubtedly be an invaluable asset not just to ward papastew, but to all of Edmonton.
-- Jaime Forster Mom, Community Advocate and Holyrood resident

Intelligent, Experienced, and Community Minded Leader

CeciliaI am supporting Kirsten because of her passion, commitment to working with and listening to the community. She is a good listener and wants to understand the root of the issues. Her experience with community engagement and building relationships with groups that may have divergent interests or opinions is something that I am looking forward to in my next Councillor. Kirsten has spent many years volunteering her time in different ways to support a diversity of causes and issues in the area. I look forward to having an intelligent, experienced and community minded leader at the table representing papastew.

-- Cecilia Otezia Ayres, Past President Ritchie Community League

Proactive Councillor with a solid plan

We are experiencing significant changes as demands on our neighbourhoods increase, and we need a proactive Councillor with a solid plan for our community.  That Councillor is Kirsten Goa!  She understands the importance of getting out in front of developments in order to represent our community's best interests and ensuring we have a safe and vibrant community.  Kirsten will bring our community together through meaningful consultation laying the ground work for solid community plans for our future.  Ward papastew needs a renewed focus and emphasis within our great city, an emphasis that can only be achieved through hard work and collaboration!  Kirsten WILL take us there!

 -- Murray Davison,  Former Executive Director, Old Strathcona Business Association

Building People Up

"Kirsten is a true community builder and leader. I’ve worked alongside her for years on various complex projects and have observed, first hand, the steady progress she makes to build great places by supporting people every step of the way. She’s personally helped me out of sticky situations more than once! Her efforts propelled great outcomes forward each and every time. Edmonton needs women like this, and this woman in particular, to work with all of us to ensure that Edmontonians continue to succeed and thrive, together. Her passion and collaborative commitment to building people up, first and foremost, is contagious and inspiring. It’s only by putting people at the forefront that we’ll build a great city as a result."


Kalen Anderson -- Former Director for The City Plan, City of Edmonton and aspiring backyard farmer

Strong Advocate

Kirsten believes in community and connection. She has shown herself to be a strong advocate with an empathic ear and an energetic wit whenever we meet at community events. I am excited to see all she will accomplish as our representative on Council.

  -- Sally Hammell, Strathcona resident and community leader

Trust, Respect, Transparency

I had the pleasure of working with Kirsten in her role as Co-Chair of the City of Edmonton’s Council Initiative on Public Engagement. I was struck by her commitment to representing the voices of Edmontonians in that process. She fostered trust, respect, transparency and sought to strengthen accountability in this leadership role. Her focus continues to be on building relationships between the community and its elected officials which is reflective of her strong orientation to serve.

 -- Maria deBruijn, CEO Emerge Solutions

Community Support

When my neighbors and I were faced with the possibility of a landlord re-zoning his property to build multi-unit townhouses that would not have suited this neighborhood, we brought Kirsten in to help us understand the City’s re-zoning process, and also the perspective of the City, so that we might best hone our objection. It was a lengthy process and we learned a great deal. Kirsten was always available to come to our meetings. She is so knowledgeable in this area and without her we could not have presented the coherent and informed objection that we achieved. She’s a real worker, very engaged, and she has a broad understanding of the issues that face this city alongside a desire to protect our needs and the livability of our city.

  --Alice Harkness,   Bonnie Doon Resident

Internationally recognized Civic Engagement

Kirsten Goa brings a depth of experience that is unmatched amongst papastew candidates for council. She combines a deep knowledge and understanding of the civic issues that really matter to Edmontonians with a pragmatic problem-solving approach that advances real, executable solutions. I have worked with Kirsten on a number of initiatives that have resulted in significant change, from ensuring that families with children aren’t blocked from housing, to bringing internationally recognized improvements to the way our city engages with citizens. Kirsten knows how city hall works and knows how to get things done. 

-- Jodine Chase

Evidence-Informed Decision Maker

Kirsten Goa will be a thoughtful, pragmatic, and representative voice on Council. She has been deeply engaged in opportunities, issues, and initiatives that matter to Edmontonians for years. She is willing to hear from and knows how to work with multiple stakeholders with diverse views. She is an evidence-informed decision maker who cares about people, and she will represent Edmonton Papastew and citizens across our city with our current issues and future possibilities in mind.

 -- Lisa Grotkowski Principal, Write to Communicate

Dedicated and Hardworking

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Kirsten as a parent volunteer with her kids in our choirs, and the even greater pleasure of having her sing with my adult community choir. Kirsten is warm, dedicated, and hardworking. She knows her community inside-out and is deeply committed to making it better for all of us. In whatever Kirsten does, she brings her gift for making connections with people and building relationships."

  --Kathleen Luyk, Executive Director of Kokopelli Choirs




Dedicated, Empathetic and Talented Community Leader

"Kirsten is a dedicated, empathetic, and talented community leader. Whenever I discuss a municipal issue with Kirsten, I learn something new, and I gain perspectives from all sides of the issue.

I believe that Edmonton is a city that can be at the forefront of a changing world. Our city can be a better place to raise kids, grow old, and make a living. We can make this transformation while also becoming a more healthy, joyful, and climate-friendly place. Kirsten has the vision, experience, and consensus-building skills to lead Edmonton towards a brighter future, and I heartily endorse her to be my next councillor in Ward papastew."

Conrad Nobert -- Strathcona resident, former VP Strathcona Community League and community leader working to solve climate change