Building Relationships on and off the Soccer Pitch

"I met Kirsten years ago when she coached our community soccer team. In some seasons her partner, Shawn, also coached us. Our team was like a community with her as our leader and guide; many of the connections that she established have lasted nearly three decades. Her ability to build relationships and directly contribute to her communities has always been a part of who she is - it is how I’ve always known her."

Talana Hargreaves -- former Scona soccer player and mom of three

Kirsten with soccer team

Deep Listener with an Impressive Track Record

"Kirsten's ability to listen deeply to each human being she encounters whether community resident, developer or leading thinker accounts for her impressive track record in bringing people together across their differences in action to make our communities and city more vibrant, resilient, and equitable."

Monique Nutter --Strathcona resident, community organizer and social worker