Public Engagement and the Role of your Councillor

Public Engagement and the Role of your Councillor

The new policy on Public Engagement, and the work that supports it, is an exciting road map for improving the relationship between the City and Edmontonians.

The policy and framework will take time to roll out and building these relationships and trust in the community  will take time and commitment. This is an essential part of the work, and our City Council needs to take a leadership role, not only in what we say, but also in how we engage.  

The best ideas are rooted in our communities, connected to the places where we live, work and play. We need to do more to support and amplify our local knowledge and capacity so that more of these innovative ideas can come to life and shape our communities.  

As your Councillor…

  • I commit to continuing and expanding on the new Public Engagement policy and framework, as one of my key responsibilities.

  • I commit to doorknocking between elections, and visiting our local community organizations, non-profits, entrepreneurs and networks. Listening to the community requires that I meet you -- in your community.

  • I commit to seeking out underrepresented groups and perspectives so that we can create a more inclusive City that is shaped by all its residents.

  • I will facilitate connections across different groups and interests, and hosting public gatherings that bring different perspectives together so that we can build understanding and a common vision, ahead of the decisions that impact our communities.

  • I commit to connecting you to networks in your community, people with a wide range of perspectives and expertise, city administration, and the rest of Council so that together we can take action on issues that matter in our communities.