Supporting Community Leadership

The commitments to community leadership development and capacity building in the Public Engagement policy are commitments I made as Community Co-chair of Council Initiative on Public Engagement (CIPE) starting in 2015. They are as important as ever for me today. Implementation of this part of the policy is in its infancy, and requires the support of Council, community leaders and administration to fulfill its objectives.  

Everyone has a role to play in shaping our City. As your City Councillor, I will help you bring your perspective and experience to the decisions that impact your life and support your collaboration with the many diverse perspectives involved in any decision. I will meet with you in the community or on your doorstep. I will provide information, support and opportunities for you to engage in shaping your community and building our city. I will also encourage you to bring others into the conversation. Every new person involved in building our City brings fresh ideas and builds our capacity.  

Accountability and good decision-making require meaningful commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. We need to seek out and invite different perspectives and interests. Welcoming all the voices of our neighbours, especially those that aren’t well-represented, requires removing barriers to participation, inviting people into the conversation and taking their contributions seriously. 

We're stronger when we understand each other and can work together to solve problems. This requires honesty, sharing power and influence, and supporting the leadership of others. Our City works better for everyone if people from all walks of life are leading the way.