The Councillor We Need

I am the kind of Councillor our neighbourhoods need. Here's why...

I work effectively within communities to represent you. That means seeking out opportunities to connect with you, being an active presence at your events and listening to you on your doorstep, at the coffee shop, the playground, and at the soccer field, between elections.

I bring people together. For us to shape how our communities are going to evolve, we need to have deeper conversations with more of our neighbours. There are thoughtful people with expertise and knowledge down the block, who we often don’t even know. Connecting with them broadens our understanding. Coming together makes us safer and more resilient.

We need to have these conversations and share different perspectives before we make decisions. Then, during the decision-making process, we have a better understanding of the different needs and priorities. And, we can more creatively address them.  

I seek out best practices, and evidence based research to support decision making. I seek out new answers to our most challenging questions with knowledge, experience and curiosity. When local knowledge, and evidence based practice meet, we have the confidence to try new things.

I can support our communities by working with City administration and other Councillors. One vote is not enough to get it done. We need to work together, across our wards and across our entire City. Building relationships with the rest of Council is essential. This means understanding differing perspectives, finding ways to collaborate and negotiating effectively across these differences.

I bring people together to take action on issues that matter. 

"Kirsten is a master collaborator... She is a courageous, critical thinker."  
Dr. Lolly de Jonge

Elect Kirsten Goa as your Ward 8 Councillor on October 16th, 2017.


Kirsten at Launch with Kids