Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and Accountability

Transparent decision making, and policy tied to metrics are required in order for our vision of Edmonton to come to a reality. Our high level plans need to be translated into concrete commitments and actions.

Effective public engagement that fosters deeper connections is one part of the equation. But what we do with that information matters. Whether it’s a rezoning application, parkland plan or LRT, once we have made the plan, we need to make sure that what we are committed to happens.

What we measure is often what we create. We need to look at the broader picture around many of our decisions. Nothing happens in isolation, and we shouldn’t be making decisions in a vacuum. Councillors need to be accountable for making informed decisions, which means learning about and thinking critically about the implications of these decisions and seeking out a wide range of perspectives and expertise. 

We need more consistent and robust benchmarks and metrics written into our decisions, in order to close the loop on questions as wide-ranging as: market impact, wind studies, affordable housing, environmental impact, traffic safety and demographics shifts. Additionally, these need to be public. Knowing what to expect, and being able to count on that, is essential for our communities, entrepreneurs, and City administration.

Once decisions are made, we need to make sure that administration has the tools they need for enforcement and accountability and when necessary, that Council continues to ask questions at key points through the process. Establishing metrics around key priorities will ensure that we have the information we need to make informed decisions and to hold ourselves, administration and the broader community accountable for the commitments we make when we are building our City. 

As your Councillor…

I will commit to continuous learning and informed decision making.

I will advocate for the City to enhance its capacity to analyze real estate market data, to expand how it measures densification (not only by unit—which we do now—but also by bedroom and number of people) and to pursue other ways of collecting meaningful data around how we are growing as a City .

I will explore whether or not City administration is able to enforce decisions that have been made,  and if not, work collaboratively to find mechanisms and processes that will facilitate enforcement and accountability.

I will commit to greater transparency and better communication in providing citizens and the media with access to information more efficiently.

I will work to shift traffic data tracking to measure the mobility of all users.