Welcoming our Neighbours 

Everyone experiences the City differently and we cannot adequately understand or address the needs of all Edmontonians, without understanding this. When a City works well for our most vulnerable or marginalized communities, it works better for all of us. When a City includes more diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences in its decisions, it means we get better, more robust decisions. Covid 19 has made it clear that public health, economic resilience and sustainable communities are dependent on social equity.

Safety means being able to walk through your neighbourhood without harassment, violence, near-misses, conflicts, collisions or death. The feeling of safety isn’t measured by street checks, or traffic stops. Community members are the experts on their experience. Whether it's young people feeling targeted by fare enforcement officers, women in hijab attacked, a mom crossing a busy road with young children, or seniors trying not to slip on the ice, they are the experts about their experience. Crime prevention and community safety initiatives need to prioritize the needs and experiences of the most vulnerable in our communities and support everyone’s capacity to engage with others with compassion. 

Creating a safer City means creating a more inclusive, empathetic, equitable and accessible City. Even if we aren’t the ones directly affected, it will be safer for all of us. Our wellbeing is directly tied to the wellbeing of others. 

Safe & Affordable Housing

Accessible Communities

Safer for All